Alerts and Notices

Bus Cancellations

With harsher winter weather arriving, you can stay up-to-date with bus delays and cancellations. Listen to your local radio station, visit the STSCO website in the morning, or call the STSCO information line at 705-748-5500 or 1-800-757-0307 for bus delays or cancellations. Remember that if a bus is cancelled in the morning, it will not run in the afternoon.

With winter now upon us, STSCO is happy to report that new features have been added to our website ( to allow parents, students and school staff to more easily receive inclement weather messages and school busing cancellation and delay updates. The following explains the new features.

  1. A Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeder has been added to the Inclement Weather Website for all bus routes. (Look for this icon on website)rss.pngThe RSS feed will allow anyone to subscribe to delay or cancellation information for either all bus routes or to the routes serving the school of their choice. To be able to subscribe to this feature, you will need an RSS Reader on your computer (i.e. Outlook) or your smart phone (i.e. I-Phone, Blackberry, etc.).
  2. We have also added a direct Inclement Weather email feature which is tied to a student's information record in our system. Once the family or student signs up for access through our website (using the student's OEN birthdate combination to log into the 'Transportation Bus Lookup' webpage), when delay or cancellation information concerning the bus involved is posted on as being delayed, the STSCO system will automatically send an email to the address provided and inform them of the issue. You can sign-up using your personal email address, work email address or smart phone's email address. A student could also use their own smart phone's email address and this would help them anticipate timing of any delayed bus service or whether it is cancelled altogether.

STSCO's Inclement Weather Website, can be accessed from most mobile browsers on a smart phone.  This will help families check the website as they are going out the door or even on their way to the bus stop.


We are hopeful that these new features will support our goal of providing effective service.  If you have any questions, please contact Russell Emery, System Supervisor here at STSCO (ext. 250 or

 All of us at STSCO wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable winter season.