At the Library

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness".  Fall!  As the nights get longer this is a great time of year to cultivate good reading habits at home. I recently watched a BBC documentary called "Why Reading Matters"  and it has certainly prompted me to keep up a consistent reading habit.  Thanks to advances in technology , the documentary shows us how much reading shapes our brain.  Different words affect the brain to excite, heal, and, even more surprisingly, create a sense of empathy.  Did you know that a good book literally has the power to change you?  Well worth watching if you get a chance.

The 21st Century Library is up and running and we are exploring iPad apps as a way of supporting the curriculum.  Two great apps that we have recently had fun with in the library are "The Rock Cycle" (grade 4 Earth Sciences) and "City Rabbit" (grade 3 Urban and Rural Communities).  "The Rock Cycle" was developed by a 14 year old student as part of a science project!  It tells the story of a rock's life cycle (from the point of view of the rock) and is interactive.  "City Rabbit" at first  appears to be a fun little game, but when you ask the students to dig a little deeper and to make a comparison with a rural community, their observations are quite staggering (they notice everything from the multiculturalism, ethnic foods and graffiti evident in the city!).

If you have found any apps of interest to support your child in their curricular activities, please pass them on to us at the school and we would be happy to share them.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Evans